Lawn Programs

Berks County Lawn ProgramsA complete lawn care program with All Green consists of 7 rounds of application. This is our professional recommendation for your lawn to look the best that it can through out a growing season. Of course we work with every budget, and you may pick and choose the rounds that you prefer. We can guide you to the proper applications should you decide to scale back your program.

  • Round 1. Early spring crabgrass control with fertilizer. (March-April)
  • Round 2. Spring liquid crabgrass & weed control. (April-May)
  • Round 3. Early summer Fertilizer & insect control for surface feeding insects. (Mid-June-Early July)
  • Round 3a. Grub control with or without fertilizer. (Mid-June-Early July)
  • Round 4. Late summer liquid weed control. (Late-July-August)
  • Round 5. Early Fall Fertilizer. (August-Early September)
  • Round 6. Late Fall Fertilizer. (October-Early November)
  • Round 7. Fall Lime Application. (November)