Berks County Lawn SeedingAll Green Lawn and Tree Care Inc. also offers aeration and over seeding, as well as topdressing services. After a tough hot summer, your lawn can really look thin. That’s when you may want to consider a little repair work from All Green.

We always use the best seed you can get. Blue tag certified premium seed that states 0% weed seed and 0% other crop. Like all things you try to build if you cut corners on the foundation it is impossible to have a quality finished product. Even a small percentage of seeds in these categories can mean hundreds of weeds planted in your lawn. Grass seed will germinate and start to grow almost anywhere; in the thatch, on top of the ground, even in the cracks of the driveway; but it can’t survive and thrive there. In order for a seedling to develop a strong root system it must be in the soil about 1/8 of an inch. This allows for consistent moisture levels and the ability for the roots to continue to develop. In an established lawn good seed to soil contact is the more difficult to obtain than if you plow up a brand new field.

After we have properly planted your premium seed then starts the watering. You need to water in a way that will keep the seed consistently damp, not standing in water but damp, don’t allow it to dry out between watering. We are not worried about watering deeply we are only interested in keeping the top ¼ inch or so damp. If the seed should dry out after it has started to germinate then it will die. A good rule of thumb is to soak the lawn deeply the night before you seed and then after seeding water lightly two to three times per day to maintain the damp top ¼ inch. If you do this religiously you should have germination in 14 to 21 days. The more inconsistent the watering the longer germination will take, if at all. Consistent, even moisture.