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Berks County Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn Care Program

Order a complete lawn care program with All Green consists of 7 rounds of application. Learn More

Berks County Tree and Shrub Care

Tree & Shrub Program

Keep your yard's trees & shrubs green and healthy, and control disease and insects! Learn More

Weed Control in Berks County

Weed Management

We do commercial & residential vegetation (weed) management. Shrubs, fences, and bare ground. Learn More

Don’t Let Snow Mold Linger

Snow mold in Berks and Lancaster County Pa

Pink snow mold and Microdochium patch are diseases caused by the fungus Microdochium nivale. Pink snow mold is the name used to describe the disease associated with snow cover, appearing when snow melts. (Click picture to read more)

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Controlling Spotted Lanternflies

Call Us Today To Discuss How We Can Help Control Spotted Lanternflies

Spotted Lanternflies prefer feeding on Ailanthus altissima, commonly known as the “Tree of Heaven.” They can be found feeding on other plants and trees, but Ailanthus altissima is their favorite host.

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