Insect & Disease

Berks County tree insect controlAll Green Lawn and Tree Care Inc. offers complete disease and insect control programs for your landscape. Treatment is done as preventative, and on as needed basis. Problems in any one landscape are usually condition based. Time of year and the current climate are the basis upon which we applicate. We offer landscape check ups, and treat problems as they arise. We also will set you up on a preventative program for trees and shrubs that have pattern for disease and insect damage. We offer the best tree and shrub programs around, at a fair price. Each program is catered to your landscape. Give us a call today for a free estimate and analysis of your trees and shrubs.

All Green Lawn and Tree Care Inc. also offers perimeter tick control to wooded areas around your home. Lyme disease has really jumped in frequency over the last few years. If you live around wooded areas, or on a wooded lot, tick control is something that you may want to consider. Contact us today for your free estimate